Are You A “Narrow Framer” On California Long-Term Care Insurance decision?

long-term care decision

There are often more than two choices when it comes down to making a decision!

According to a recent article on, two facts were offered. The first fact is, 70% of people will need some form of long-term care in their homes, in a short stay facility, or in a long-term custodial facility, and it will be expensive.

The second fact is simply that most people will not get insurance to help cover the 70% chance you will have expensive medical bills that no one, other than welfare will cover, and only if you meet the incredibly strict financial requirements.

Dr. Olivia Mitchell and Dr. Daniel Gottlieb of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania wanted to know if there was a deeper reason on why people hesitate on long-term care insurance decision when the odds you will need long-term care services are 70%.

In their national study of people over age 50, they discovered a common occurrence that psychologists refer to as “Narrow Framing”.

According to Dr. Karyn Hall of, “Narrow framing means that you are not considering all the alternatives available to you–you are defining your choices too narrowly. Narrow frame thinking would be when you are asking yourself if you should take a certain action or not, or which of two actions would be better. For example, should you move to a new city or not? Should you go for a walk or read a book? Restricting yourself to two choices limits your alternatives. You may not even consider options that would be better.”

Narrow framing as you have read affects your ability to make good decisions. This is not just about buying long-term care insurance, chances are you could have made larger decision in life that had a negative outcome, which in hindsight, had you considered other options, you would have been ok.

Whether you are a “Narrow Framer” or just your regular self, we invite you to learn about your options when it comes to long-term care insurance decision in California. Being able to make well educated decision that examine all the options is your best course of action.

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