Are Canada’s Long Term Care Statistics A Predictor Of Things To Come?

Long-Term Care InsuranceAccording to the Government of Canada, long-term facility based care is not covered under the Canada Health Act, but controlled through provincial and territorial legislation. The recent shift in admissions requirements to long-term facilities based care settings reveals some shocking statistics on aging and long-term care health issue management.

In the November 23rd news article by, it was stated that, “Since 2010, when the government changed the admission criteria for long-term care, new residents have been coming to long-term care homes at a later stage in the progression of their diseases. Their health is more likely to be unstable, their health issues are more complex, and they are more physically frail.”

The article continues by outlining various statistics in the long-term care resident population. For example, there was a 29.6% increase in residents requiring monitoring for acute conditions. 62% of the residents suffered from Alzheimer’s, a 6% increase since 2010.

Assistance with “Activities of Daily Living”, which includes hygiene, toileting, and mobility rose 7.2%, 8.9%, and 11.6% respectively. 46% of residents act aggressively with 22.2% displaying signs of severe aggression related to mental health conditions such as dementia.

It really begs the question to be asked, if people were given access to facilities and services earlier, could their conditions have been managed better? Could they live with more dignity?

In the US, while there are some restrictions on long-term care facility admission, you can access more options at an earlier stage with proper planning. Access to home care benefits, assisted living, senior housing, and community-based services could help improve your quality of life as you age.

Setting a plan in place for your long-term care insurance needs will also relieve a lot of financial burden you can face during those years when the most care is required.

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