You were very wise if you already have purchased a long term care insurance policy. You were aware of the issues involved, protected your nest egg and obtained peace of mind.

However, unless a friend or family member has needed long term care, it is a subject many people know little about. You, who are informed, need to tell your friends that they had better consider a long term care plan while they are relatively young and healthy.

Because of our budget deficit, government benefits for long term care will surely be sharply reduced over the next ten years and will only cover the very poor. If people have not protected themselves, many horrible scenarios will ensue. Many will lack the ability to pay the half a million dollars or more of future care expenses.

These horrible scenarios can be avoided. We urge you to tell your friends and family members to seek professional guidance from specialists like us. If it is better for them to self-insure, we’ll tell them so, but let’s face it, no plan is a bad plan.

Stay healthy, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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