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Disabilities Are Restricting More Retirees In California

Disabilities Are Restricting More Retirees In California

I don’t exercise enough, like many of you. (Far too many, in fact: Of Americans 50 and older, 46 percent don’t exercise at all, according to a report in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.) Sure, we realize that a sedentary lifestyle, especially when coupled with bad eating habits, adds extra pounds. And that being overweight can lead to disabling diseases such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes, osteoporosis and even cancer.

But for many years, Americans could take comfort in the fact that the costs of neglecting our health were out weighed by the benefits of improving medical technology.  Recently, the number of seniors developing disabling health problems has begun to rise.

As more individuals tragically lose their personal freedom to illness, more families will have to grapple with crushing long-term-care bills. So will the federal budget.

Already, about two-thirds of Medicaid spending and more than on-third of Medicare spending are associated with disability. If even more seniors get sick, those costs will soar.

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