• Long-Term Care Insurance Statistics That Affect Your Planning

    October 10 ,2015  No Comments

    In a recent Morningstar article on Long Term Care statistics, author Christie Benz, Morningstar’s director of personal finance and author of 30-Minute Money Solutions, outlined industry statistics you should know when planning your insurance needs in retirement. According to…

  • What Can Kansas Teach California About Long Term Care Insurance?

    September 9 ,2015  No Comments

    According to a recent article by journalist Megan Hart for, she noted that although Kansas has seen long-term care insurance premiums rise as much as 60%, this policy makes sense for those with assets to protect in retirement….

  • What Can Japan Teach California About Long Term Care?

    September 9 ,2015  No Comments

    In a recent Forbes article, contributor Chris Farrell, award winning journalist and senior economics contributor to Next Avenue, discussed how Japan’s policies and vision of long term care has shifted over time. When you think of Japan and their…

  • A Costly Mistake in California Long-Term Care Planning!

    September 9 ,2015  No Comments

    When you hear the term long-term care insurance, does it make you jump for joy or run in fear? A problem that has been floating around in the long-term care insurance industry is one for the insurers themselves. According…

  • What Happened to Federal Employee Long-Term Care Insurance?

    September 9 ,2015  No Comments

    In a recent Washington Post article on August 4, writer Eric Yoder covered the recent change in federal employee long-term care insurance premiums that took them by surprise. According to the article, on August 1, with no warning, new…

  • Are You A “Narrow Framer” On California Long-Term Care Insurance decision?

    September 9 ,2015  No Comments

    There are often more than two choices when it comes down to making a decision! According to a recent article on, two facts were offered. The first fact is, 70% of people will need some form of long-term…

  • Have You Accepted The Default Long-Term Care plan?

    August 8 ,2015  No Comments

    In a recent article on by Retirement Reporter Elizabeth O’Brien, she discussed what the costs for long-term care insurance look like, and how people plan for their health care needs in the future when they are no longer…

  • Do Long Term Care Insurance Numbers Make Sense for The Policyholder?

    August 8 ,2015  No Comments

    According to a recent article published by the National Association of Health Underwriters it was disclosed that, “a 60-year-old who pays premiums through age 82 (on a statistically representative policy), then show how 22-years of premium payments would quickly…

  • Technology Helps Independence with Long-Term Care at Home

    August 8 ,2015  No Comments

    In a recent article from U.S. News & World Report is was demonstrated how technology is making senior care and safety easier on the pocket book for those receiving care, and on the home health agencies providing in-home care…

  • Is Your Mental Model Flawed In Long-Term Care Planning?

    August 8 ,2015  No Comments

    As medical technology continues to advance and people are able to fight off diseases and recover from conditions that could have meant their death 30, 40, 50 years ago, you begin to wonder if your thoughts on long-term care…

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