Louis H. Brownstone, Chairman

Louis H. Brownstone is Chairman of California Long-Term Care Insurance Services, Inc., the largest independent specialist long term care insurance agency in California, located in Burlingame. It is the broker for a group of high-producing long term care specialist agents.

Brownstone has been an industry leader. He is past Chairman of the National LTC Network, an association of some twenty brokerages nationwide which together place about ten percent of all long term care insurance premiums. He is also an active member of the National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, which promotes various products containing long term care solutions.

He is the Government Relations Chairman of the SF/Peninsula Chapter of NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. One of his goals is to revive the California Partnership for Long Term Care in order to protect more Californians and save the State of California billions of dollars in future Medi-Cal expense.

Brownstone is a native San Franciscan and fourth-generation Californian. A graduate of Andover and Stanford, he has been a long term care insurance specialist since 1991 and founded California Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc. in 1997.