Return of Premium and Repositioning for Long Term Care Insurance

Affordable LTCI Premiums

Katie O’ Rourke
Managing Partner

What if I buy a long term care insurance policy, pay them premiums for 10, 15. 20 years and never use it? Does that mean I lose money? One of the things that makes people hesitate to purchase Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is the possibility that they may never need to use it.  This is really more of a hope since 70% of us will need care during our lives.

This is very valid concern, and many people feel the same way. What most people find though is that when a catastrophic claim happens, they think less about the few dollars they saved switching carriers and more about if they have the best policy that is going to cover their losses and get them even again. Insurance professionals know that the only time their clients are not worried about insurance premiums is when they call in with a claim and need help.

 Have you ever taken an insurance inventory? Think about all the policies you have right now… do you own a car and have car insurance? How about a home with homeowners insurance? Do you have life insurance through work or a private policy on someone you love? Do you carry health insurance, maybe dental and vision coverage?

 If insurance is so expensive and we worry about the “what if” we never use it, then why buy insurance at all? If you look at the entire business of insurance, it is based on losses and insuring against the “what-ifs” that most people prefer to not think about. Insurance companies understand this, and so to make it easier, they have developed policies that protect their clients, and give them relief should they never actually use certain policies.

 Frankly, I hope that planning for long-term care means I will not need it. (I also hope I do not need to use my homeowners, auto and health insurance.)  There are few ways to solve this problem.  One is to get coverage that includes a Return of Premium feature.  If you never need to use the policy then the premiums are returned to your estate or beneficiary. 

 Another option is to move the cash value of an existing Life insurance or Annuity into a policy that includes LTC coverage.  This repositioning of the value can provide coverage at no cost.  A final thought is to purchase a Life insurance or annuity plan with an LTC rider.  Then you get the money no matter what happens between now and then.  There are many ways to plan for the worst and hope for the best. 

 Some of these policies can be complex and confusing, and that is why agents specialize in certain types of insurance, attend on-going education each year to stay on top of laws, policy changes, and regulatory matters. When you want to buy an insurance policy that will not only cover you in the event of a loss, but also give you your money back should you never use it, you ought to speak to a licensed and qualified professional who specializes in this coverage. You wouldn’t go to a brain doctor for heart surgery right?

 That is why we screen all of our agents based on their commitment to the industry, industry training credentials, and areas of expertise. When you speak to one of our agents today about a Return of Premium policy, or Rider based product, you are going to know you have the most qualified person to help answer your unique questions, and provide you with the best options to choose from.

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