California Long Term Care Plans Cost More Today!

News flash!  

California Long Term Care plans cost more today than they did 20 years ago! While it is true that the cost of LTCi insurance has gone up in recent years, see all the press releases, so has the cost of care. Cost is relative to everything, remember what you were paying for medical coverage in 1994? How about a gallon of gas? Now, think about your income in 1994 and today. Everything is relative right?  This doesn’t negate the need to plan ahead and prepare for something that will affect 7 out of 10 Americans.

The interesting thing about the 7 out of 10 is that it doesn’t differentiate between economic classes. The need doesn’t change for someone earning $50,000 annually or someone earning  $150,000 annually. Loss of your ADL’s or cognitive issues could care less about your income. Having the funds available to pay for care is a necessity not a luxury. Not having a plan is a plan, just not a good one. Cost of care will continue to rise forcing you to spend more to get quality care. You can pay that difference yourself or get some help from an insurance carrier to pick up the majority of the bill. Choosing to work with an insurance carrier will definitely help lower your California Long Term Care plans cost.

Designing a personalized plan to protect your family and assets doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice today. With medical advances and the odds being in your favor of living longer and needing care it is important to protect as much as you can. A good friend of mine has been known to say that people live on budgets all the time; why would that change if you were in need of care? The question is would $2,000 or $3,000 make a difference in the care you received? So no matter what your income, the risk remains the same, now is the time to look through the different your options for California Long Term Care plans. Cost will vary but you can  put together a plan so when the need arises you have the ability to receive care and protect your family.

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