Support Beyond Purchasing Long Term Care Insurance

It is often hard for consumers to see the benefits of purchasing Long Term Care Insurance.  They also often overlook the value in working with an agent and an agency that specializes in LTC.  Our work as an agency definitely does not end with our client’s initial decision in purchasing Long Term Care Insurance. Two recent real-life experiences illustrated why a specialist agent and agency can make a difference:

  •  A client called and said he needed to use the policy for nursing home care.  He said he had used home care services for the past 6 months.  His health had deteriorated and he felt a facility was a better fit for him now.  I asked why he didn’t use the coverage for the home care help.  He thought it wasn’t covered because he had hired a private caregiver.  He mistakenly believed that only aides from a home care agency qualified for reimbursement.  He was able to get all of the long term care services covered.  He moved to an assisted living facility and his wife lives in the independent living unit nearby. 
  • A client called and asked to review her coverage.  During the conversation she said she thought she may need to use the insurance sometime in the future.  She described her circumstances and I realized that she might qualify use the insurance now.  I convinced her to file a claim. This activated the Care Coordination service.   They helped her find caregivers and put together a plan of care.  The plan of care outlines the details of needs and how they are met by the aide and various community services like Meals on Wheels.  Her care is covered by the insurance policy. 

We at California Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc have been working with these types of policies for over 20 years. An agent or agency that does not have as much exposure to Long Term Care insurance plans may not have realized the opportunity to help the client use the insurance.  In both these cases we helped protect our clients’ income and assets but also improved the quality of their lives. We helped make their decision of purchasing Long Term Care Insurance a great tool in improving their quality of life when they most needed it.

Our LTCI specialists make your shopping experience easy, by helping compare the costs and benefits of policies from select insurance companies. More importantly, our agency will be there for you beyond purchasing Long Term Care Insurance. To speak to a representative or schedule an appointment, simply fill out the short form on the right and start with your Free consumer guide or contact us.